”Now that the wedding is over, I wanted to send a quick message saying how incredibly wonderful it was working with you. You were so flexible and adaptable, and provided key input and thoughts when needed. Truly, one of the best vendor experiences I’ve had. You are one hell of a RAD human.”

”I just wanted to say thaaaank you SO much for yesterday! <3<3<3 I know it was kind of a mess at times throughout the day, just with regular wedding craziness, but you were a steady rock through everything and it really made our day so special. Thank you SO much for everything, you’re such a blessing! <3”

"OH MY GOODNESS OH MY GOODNESS!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 WE FREAKING LOVE THEM!!! Thank you thank you thank you so so so so much!!!! Tbh both __ and I are very camera shy but you’ve been an absolute blast to work with and you made us feel so comfortable in our own skin!!!"

"STRONGLY recommend if you want classic and timeless pictures that beautifully illustrate your relationship… He captured my vision perfectly and not to mention he’s a super sweet guy :)”

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did yesterday!!! Everyone spoke about your presence and were grateful we picked you to capture our day!! You rolled with it and helped anyway you could!! Thank soo much!!”

"Dear Tejas, Words cannot explain how greatful we were to have you capture our engagement and wedding photos. You are a true professional that shows passion for photography. The pictures that your shoot are true emotions. Nothing ever felt forced with you directing us. My wedding day all who has the pleasure of meeting you spoke about your amazing personality, professionalism, and compassion. I felt blessed that you were understanding despite the days events. The highlight was you assisting my bridesmaid with her dress malfunction and giving me pep talk when I needed it most! From the bottom of my heart, we thank you! Love, _”

”Thank you again Tejas. We are so happy we found you online, your photos look fabulous and our friends and family can’t stop commenting on how much they liked working with you”

"There are many wedding photographers in Toronto, but no one quite compares to Tejas. He took an abstract concept that we had and turned it into a vivid reality that captured our very essence as a couple. Unique, timeless, and enthralling do not even begin to explain the magic that Tejas portrays through his photos. We would recommend him to any couple looking to capture their unique love story and have their deep connection translate into pictures."

"You went above and beyond. U put up with us. Fuck U delt with my tears. Thank you thank you thank you.. please stay in touch your like a friend now, practiclly family"

"They are truly amazing. Thank you thank you thank you. I do truly appreciate your work and talent. You manage to make it look magical, real and as if we were at (a) destination"

"Tejas, they are beautiful!! Great work!!!! We are fighting on which ones are our fas. But they all look amazing!!! Wow, we just keep flipping and every time we see the pic again there’s another new detail we missed the first time and we appreciate it even more. You’ve just made our weekend! :D and thanks for getting it to us so early!!!"


Photo 2018-03-10, 4 22 33 PM (1).jpg

”It has been a dream and I have to say, we couldn’t have found anyone better to capture our perfect day!”


”We are pretty speechless to how good they are! We are probably going to have to decorate the whole apartment with them since we love every photo! You did an amazing job and we can’t say thank you enough!”

”THANK YOU for the engagement photos! They are fantastic!!!!!!!! Our family absolutely loves them! I’m actually heading off in a few minutes to print some of them to show off at the wedding :D
See you soon!!!!”

”Wow. Just WOW. Seriously these pictures are out of this world Tejas!!!! We are going to need more wall space to fit them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We really love how you didn’t just capture faces, you can really feel all the feelings going on in each shot!!!”

”Oh my goodness!!! Wow!! Holy shit! Great job!! Your shots are amazing!! thanks Tejas!! Honestly they look sooo good Thanks Tejas we really appreciate it Thank you SO much!”

"We met with the GM of the venue and showed him a few of the edited shots. Needless to say...he LOVED them and asked if they could follow up with you regarding the photos!”

"Thank you sooo much again for everything. You were amazing, and so was the experience. Can't wait to look at these pics some more!"

"So glad we picked you. We went through 50 photographers and yours are by far the best! It's rare to see photos that are artistic as well as beautiful. Thank you so much again!!!"

"Your photos are unreal. If we ever get married again, we're totally hiring you. Again."

”Awww they are beautiful Tejas. You captured our chemistry perfectly Thank you for all your time and effort! <3”

"You're amazing! You have the same level of caliber in your work, but other people are charging $8,500. It's out of control. Thank you again!"

"We’re speechless… even the ones that are in between takes are insane, You captured our relationship so accurately and put so much magic and beauty into every shot. Can’t say enough amazing things! Only problem is choosing our favourites because there’s too many…"

"The ones with the veil blowing in front turned out fantastic! That was such a great idea you had :) Thank you so much! We really appreciate all the work you put into it, and the awesome deal you gave us! <3"

"Taking it all in, it’s like reliving our wedding again! We love them!! Thank you so much for capturing all these special moments!!! We can’t thank you enough”